Project Material

Project Handbook

The project’s handbook is the most important resource that has been created in the project Civically Active for Social Engagement. The project handbook is divided into multiple sections that brings together the most important items of work that the partners have carried out over the course of implementation of the project.

Please click here to download the complete Project Handbook as a portfolio PDF

Best Practices

Here are the six compiled and evaluated best practices from the six partner countries. The full compendium is available in the Project Handbook. Please download the pdf onto your computer and use ‘Adobe Acrobat’ for optimal viewing.

The Criteria Grid and Evaluation Guide

The criteria catalogue for good practices offers the possibility to analyse best practices, in a broader socio-economic context and set of values and principles. These values and principles can help to determine the potential impact and influence of a best practice in the area of active citizenship. All over Europe, active citizenship participation is often hindered by a lack of information, communication and cooperation between affected stakeholders as well as limited access to knowledge of the options available for voicing local interests. Citizens and stakeholders, therefore, require an overview of existing training tools and methods that can help overcome those barriers to participation.

Policy Papers


The policy papers and recommendations have been prepared by the partners and have been compiled into a single document. The thematics of the policy papers are :


Adult Education


Non-formal education


Higher education


Volunteer training


Youth education


European NGOs


Vocational training